Who is The Well Soul?

My name is Alexa and  I aim to  change the World. I’m a twenty year old writer, athlete, and lover of many things. A powerful past left unresolved caused an apathetic, anxiety ridden, negative shadow of self unrecognizable to the ever-present optimist  I know today.   By sharing my experiences with you I hope to foster the creativity and self-love I’ve found in myself within other’s and create a more positive future.

I believe that we were created to be in constant motion.  “Well” is not an endpoint, it’s a destination. It’s taking charge of the journey we’re on and pushing it forward, alighting it with positivity and balance.  Through fueling my mind with optimistic paradigms and powerful experiences, body with a variety of whole, plant-based foods, and self with my core desires, I have learned how to create and continue to foster a well soul.  Here you’ll find a variety of personal narratives, vegan recipes, and blog posts on anything deemed relevant to our well-being.  Enjoy.